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A Little Help From My Friends

on May 30, 2012

Simple, tasty, refreshing…mid-week dinner.

More often than not, my dinners require a little help from my “friends”.  My friends are found in my pantry and in my freezer.  Most of them are products from Trader Joe’s as I can bet on their freshness, taste, and great quality.  For this particular meal, I headed to both the pantry and the freezer.  My butcher was kind enough to cut some medium thickness pork chops for me so I decided to grill those in a sweet and sour marinade.  A jar of peach caponata with some added olive oil and orange juice did the trick.  After marinating for about an hour, the chops were on the grill with the peach bits sizzling and the sweet sugars caramelizing.  Next was a quick side dish; Trader Joe’s makes this great frozen Polenta Provencale – a quick heat up and the side dish was prepared.  For something cool and refreshing, I scooped out some watermelon and drizzled it with olive oil and some salt.  What a quick tasty dinner for any night of the week.


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